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Small Fry Skinny Jeans

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The Small Fry Skinny Jeans offer a classic skinny fit style with enough ease for comfort. A very versatile pattern that can be dressed up for a wedding or down for more casual wear. The detailed tutorial contains everything you need to learn to sew jeans with all the professional finishes.

The pattern includes the following options:

  • "Classic" Inset pockets including coin pocket or Patch pockets
  • Half fly or Full zip fly
  • Full length or Shorts
  • Two different waistbands
  • Girls (reversed) fly instructions for both fly options

The jeans construction uses flat felled seams for some seams to give a hard wearing and professional finish.

The pattern comes in two sizes groupings. The small pattern pieces are different from the large ones to allow for nappies (either disposable or cloth).

This high quality pattern and tutorial contains all the standard Titchy Threads Pattern Features.

Images in the listing include some photographs taken by Lexi Made, Rebekah Sews, Probably Actually, Sew Jereli and Sultures and Sandpaper.

Pattern Details

0-3M - 3T or 3Y - 12Y
Stretch Woven


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28 Reviews

  • Sanae Ishida The results are grade A professional, and I love how Laura added so many authentic details like the top stitching on the sides, the way the pockets are constructed, etc.

    The instructions are detailed and excellent, and I found the photos to be immensely helpful. Though this was a major time commitment due to all the pieces and top stitching and whatnot, the elements came together easily.
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  • Petit à Petit and Family Everything about this pattern is exceptional, from the different printing options- you can print one size or all, or perhaps you prefer to send your files to be printed at the print shop, which means no taping or cutting. Say what? Yup for less than 3$!

    ...Next are the instructions, Laura will guide you step by step and will make you sew up your jeans like a pro. We are talking flat felled seams, coin pockets, zipper fly, half fly, adjustable waistband, belt loops, etc... You name it, she has thought of it and she makes it so simple and easy and guides you the whole way through.

    And well shall we talk about the pattern itself? The fit is awesome. If you measure your kid correctly and adjust accordingly you will get the best fitting jeans ever. Your kids will love them, you will love them.
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  • A Happy Stitch I would not want to break into the world of jeans with any other pattern by my side. This pattern has been calling my name for a while but I was a little intimidated. I mean, its jeans…and real-looking jeans at that. Surely everyone else making these jeans is just better than I am at sewing and putting in zippers and things. Right? Well, I’m so happy I went for it. The pattern is just as good as people say, It just really holds your hand the whole way through.
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  • Gray Skies This is my most favorite PDF pattern I have ever owned! Seriously, it is that amazing. The fantastic details and superb instructions combine to give you an amazing pair of pants that nobody will ever guess is homemade. And the fit is perfection! The perfect pair of tailored jeans without being over the top skinny.
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  • I Seam Stressed This pattern is so, so great! The end result is a professionally finished pair of jeans--flat felled seams, coin pocket (if you so choose), adjustable waistband, topstitching. This is not a single naptime project, though I promise it goes much more quickly once you start on your third pair!
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  • Max California The Small Fry Skinny Jean Pattern is simply amazing. It's like no other pattern I have used before and it definitely sets the benchmark. Usually I prefer quick sews, but with something like jeans you really need to not rush through every step. Laura's pattern illustrates every step beautifully, with very clear instructions! You only have to print out the size that you need, and the sizings are just spot on! I really can't peak high enough praises on this pattern!
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  • Caila Made I can confidently tell you that sewing jeans is SO MUCH FUN! I couldn’t have done it without this pattern. The instructions lead you right through, and the step-by-step photos cover every question you could possibly have. There are a number of options, and every one is clearly detailed.

    If you ARE a confident beginner, and you know how to follow a pattern well, you will definitely be able to sew these jeans. Laura’s instructions are magic, I tell you. MAGIC. Usually I get bored with projects that take me more than two days (I’m sorry, it’s true) but this one kept me excited and engaged the whole time because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next!
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  • EmmyLouBeeDoo The Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads is incredible. If you've been following this pattern tour, you'll have that noticed many tourees have commented on how thorough it is. It truly, truly is. This is hands down the most in-depth, engaging, challenging garment I have ever made...

    And it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved each and every step of the process of putting these pants together. I would've got them done a lot faster if I hadn't stepped back to admire my handiwork after each step.
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  • Charming Doodle I never considered making jeans for them because...well...jeans look complicated.
    Or so I thought.
    But Titchy Threads has changed my mind about that! Laura wrote a fantastic new pattern called the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. There are tons of different options and they are easy to sew! If you want to do all the topstitching and flat felled seams they take some time to make, but the result is so worth it!
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  • Skirt as Top If you’ve been following along with this pattern tour, you’re hearing the same thing over and over – that the Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern is clearly written and incredibly detailed. That the fit is great. That you’ll make legit-looking jeans from it. That you’ll learn a lot. And i’m here to reiterate all of that. This pattern rocks. It’s just so good and so impressive. It’s not a quick sew, and given the fact that I’ve got a newborn in the house, I spread this out over many sewing sessions. But I really enjoyed the process of making these jeans. It was so fun. It’s the kind of pattern i wanted to take my time with, because jeans are one thing that really shouldn’t look home sewn, if you ask me – especially boy jeans. I wanted these to look like a mini version of high quality man jeans; nothing fancy but still special because of the craftsmanship required.
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  • Things For Boys I also love that this pattern comes with a copy shop large scale version so you can get it printed and not have to tape all the pages together! I wish more designers would do this! The pattern also has layers which enable you to print out only the size/s you need. So clever!
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  • Miss Matatabi It’s hard for me not to totally gush here but the pattern is brilliant. It is extremely thorough and it is clear that Laura takes great pride in paying close attention to detail. This is not the kind of sewing project you’ll be able to whip up in one nap time. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult, it just means there are many steps to follow and it will probably require a lot of focus and concentration while sewing. I don’t often sew with as much focus as I did with these pants and I loved getting caught up in the making.
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  • Lauren Dahl I had the pleasure of being invited to sew the Small Fry Skinny Jeans for the tour, and I simply cannot say enough good things about this pattern! The shape and fit of the jeans are fabulous, and the instructions are incredibly thorough. While not a quick sew, these jeans are totally worth the time for such a great result!
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  • A Jennuine Life There are options throughout to let you decide how "real" you want to make your jeans. I chose the inset pockets, zip fly, full-length and the top-stitched waistband. If a zip fly scares you, the half-fly looks like a really great alternative and much simpler to install. But don't be scared - if I can do it, so can you!
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  • Sew a Straight Line The Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern is a new release from Titchy Threads, and it is so well done. I was impressed with everything from the downloading process on Titchy Threads site (it saves all your pattern downloads right there so you can access them any time!), to the in depth instructions, to the way the pattern lined up and the pieces all came together. This is a very professionally made pattern. And with a size range of 0-3m to 12 years, it will take you from newborn to pre-teen.
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  • Kitschycoo Laura is a pattern maestro; jeans are nothing to sniff at and this pattern is not only impeccably drafted but also comprehensively explained. The finishing cuts no corners and the result is <strike>identical</strike> better to the best store-bought jeans...

    Although the pattern is challenging, Laura walks you through everything in a very accessible way. I learned lots of things, from how to flat fell seams (a first time for me) to using topstitching thread (also first time)
    Read more here.
  • Probably Actually I really can’t take any credit, though – Laura has created a pattern with all the professional details and finishing techniques of store-bought jeans, and she tells you exactly how to make it happen. It’s a commitment, but it’s so completely worth it. The whole process was kind of exhilarating, and I feel a little giddy just thinking about those flat-felled seams.
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  • Elsie Marley This pattern is a lesson in pants making. Really all you need to know about making pants is in there: patch pockets, set-in pockets, full fly, half fly, faux fly, flat felled seams. Even if you don’t know what any of this means now, you will after reading and making these pants!
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  • La gang à Nat I say “genius” because I just can’t even begin to imagine how complicated putting a jeans pattern together must have been. I also say “genius” because she managed to draft a detailed, perfectly sized, easy to follow PDF pattern for a really cool pair of kids jeans. Tips and tricks abound in her comprehensive instructions; Laura does not just tell you to 1. Cut pieces. 2. Sew together. She will hold your hand all the way friends!
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  • Mingo and Grace Laura has really done a great job with this pattern. She virtually holds your hand and walks you through each step in the instructions. I found the tips on getting a custom fit and top stitching incredibly helpful.
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  • If Only They Would Nap I was so incredibly impressed with this pattern. It’s filled with details to give your pants a really professional look.

    Flat felled seams, inset pockets (or front patch pockets), back yoke and pockets, belt loops… and the pattern includes detailed photos and instructions to walk you through every step.
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  • Rebekah Sews Now if you look at the pictures before buying the pattern you may be thinking, “There is no way I could make these, looks too complicated.” Have no fear my friend. The tutorial walks you through step by step so you can achieve any options that are included, such as the flat felled seams, half faux fly (my favorite as my kids don’t seem to like zipping their flies up!), zipper fly, topstitching, inset or patch pockets and adjustable waist. Seriously, when you are done you will look with awe on your jeans. I know I did!! So professionally finished that you will get the “Really?” from others when you tell them you made them!
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  • Pattern Revolution - Nichole This pattern delivers an extremely professional looking pair of skinny jeans. I was really quite leery because any jeans I've ever seen sewn before, well, lets just face it....they looked homemade. Not these babies...they are awesome. All thanks to the super detailed, picture packed pattern that is the Small Fry Skinny Jeans.

    My daughter is pretty tiny for her 3 year old self. Most skinny jeans I buy for her aren't very skinny at all. They sag in her bottom and are either huge in the waist or too short. Never just right. Until now.
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  • Stitched by Crystal (review for Pattern Revolution) These jeans are awesome! They have such a professional finish, complete with a back yoke, belt loops and flat felled seams. You would never guess they are handmade when you see them on my daughter.
    These jeans have a hip skinny cut but are comfortable for my daughter to move around and even climb at playground in. Oh and did I mention they look adorable on her!

    I love it when a pattern teaches me new things. This was my first doing flat felled seams and a half fly, the pattern walked me through all the steps and it was easy peasy.
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  • Sutures and Sandpaper I highly recommend this pattern. It truly is one of the most professionally drafted and written patterns I've come across. I have fabric ready to make many more pairs for all three of my kids.
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  • Huisje Boompje Boefjes The instructions are clear and full of pictures. Being kind of a visual seamstress, this really helps me getting the project to a good ending. Because of the different options this is a pattern suitable for beginners as well as an advanced level of sewing.
    For me this was the first time I sewed flat felled seams, I really like how neat the finish looks with these seams. The jeans fit little rascal perfectly, good length and not too big at the top as store bought jeans (even skinnies) often tend to be. He doesn't even need a belt in this pair!
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  • Sew Happily Ever After This is by far the most well written, detail oriented pattern I have sewn in a quite some time. This pattern is professionally drafted and expertly written.

    I LOVE how professional the finished product is. I learned how to do flat-felled seams. OK, honestly I already *knew* how to do flat-felled seams, but I had never actually *sewn* them before. Another first for me: stitching with jeans top-stitching thread. Laura's instructions are flawless and made these two new concepts so easy for me. The best part about these jeans: they don't look handmade.
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  • Designs by BellaBug This is my first time with the pattern and I am thrilled with it. The sizing is spot on and the instructions are so thorough it puts other patterns to shame. There are clear directions on every stage and different options to use.
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