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*** NOTE: Inkscape PDF Generator is no longer supported - use it at your own risk ***

While working on our PDF patterns we have also been developing tools to make creating pattern easier and faster. This is the first tool that is ready to be released to the public.

Inkscape is a great program for creating sewing patterns but it has one major limitation; You can only export a single page as a PDF. Inkscape PDF Generator from Titchy Threads is a program that you run on your computer to automatically export a multi-page PDF pattern from Inkscape. It outputs PDFs that can be printed on both A4 and US Letter page. The professional version also supports the ability to export PDF Layers.

It is only available for Microsoft Windows (7, 8 and 10).

See the full documentation for more details.

Inkscape PDF Generator can be downloaded and installed instantly after checkout.

Inscape versions supported: 0.92.1 - 0.92.5

See below for license details. If you buy the Standard license, it is possible to upgrade to Professional afterwards for the same difference in price.

Page Limit5 pagesUnlimitedUnlimited
"Trial" WatermarkYesNoNo
Can be used commerciallyNoYesYes
No. of Computers115*
Export PDF LayersNoNoYes

* Up to 5 computers that you or your business own. Contact us for prices of bulk licenses if you need more. Please support our small business by not giving the program to other people.


Supported OS
Microsoft Windows


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